Technical documentation

This page provides technical information on the Glowing Bear data warehouse. For more information on how to install Glowing Bear please see the Installation page.

Do reach out to The Hyve if you have any questions.

Table of contents

Glowing Bear architecture

The Glowing Bear data warehouse consists of a decoupled user interface on one or two backends.

The following architecture diagram summarizes how tranSMART, Glowing Bear and other (optional) components interact:

Glowing Bear and tranSMART architecture


The interactive documentation for the tranSMART 17.1 API is available here, via Open API’s Swagger.

tranSMART data model

Below is the class model for tranSMART Glowing Bear, giving the relationship between all core concepts:

tranSMART Glowing Bear class diagram

With this data model we can model both health care datasets, having absolute timestamps and hospital visits, and studies and clinical trials, by using the study and study-specific visits.

In the flexible star-schema data model, the observations have the following dimensions:

Full, interactive documentation of the tranSMART 17.1 data model is made available here via SchemaSpy.

You can also generate the most recent documentation yourself with Schema Spy, and read design decisions on the Github repository.