Quick start Guide

The initial page of Glowing Bear is a screen split into a left and right panel. The left panel contains information about the current data selection, and the available ontology and queries in the database.

The right panel provides the main user functionality to interact with the database: Data selection, Analysis, and Export.

Glowing Bear overview image

Left panel: Current data selection

This shows the result of the users actions during data selection. After successfully selecting data it will show the number of subjects and observations that match the given criteria, and the tree nodes that can be used for Analysis and Export.

Left panel: Ontology

The tree shows the variables that are available to you. This hierarchy contains studies and concepts, with the number of subjects reported in parenthesis. The nodes in the tree can be dragged into the right panel to create queries. Currently the following data types are supported:

Left panel: Queries

Queries you’ve created previously can be seen and restored from here. This is convenient if you frequently require information about the same (updated) group of subjects.

Right panel: Data selection

Most often you would first start here to select create the data set that you want to use within the application.

Step 1: Select a group of subjects

Glowing Bear Step 1 image

By dragging nodes from the tree on the left into step 1 of data selection you can select the group of subjects you are interested in. Dragging tree nodes automatically adds constraints for a concept and/or study, e.g. Subjects with any value for '/Demographics/Gender'.

Depending on the data type additional constraints can be specified, e.g. Subjects the value 'Male' for '/Demographics/Gender'.

Step 2: Select variable of interest

Glowing Bear Step 2 image

After selecting a group of subjects you can select the variables of interest by checking the nodes in the show tree. You can update the counts by pressing the Update button on the right. That will also update the Current data selection on the left and allow you to use the selection you’ve made in the rest of the application.

Step 3: Data table

The internal data model for Glowing Bear is not suitable for representation in rows and columns based systems like Excel, without first specifying how to reduce the dimensionality of the longitudinal properties of the data.

Right panel: Analysis

Glowing Bear Analysis image

The Analysis tab now presents you a cross table functionality. You can drag any categorical variables from the Current data selection panel into the vertical and horizontal drop zone to create a cross table with subject counts.

Right panel: Export

Glowing Bear Export image

The Export tab allows you specify a name that will create a downloadable .zip file with all the data selected during data selection.